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Service and Support

With more than 65 years of combined experience, our staff at Hydrotemp is able to offer you expert service and support before, during and after the sale. With unbeatable expertise and ingenuity, Hydrotemp will make sure you have the right solution for any application.

Hydrotemp's specialty is evaluating existing systems, comparing that information with the desires of ownership and designing a hot water solution that makes the best sense. Sometimes that's an affordable design to meet tight budget demands. Other times it's a condensing, high efficiency system with a controls package that fully integrates with existing building energy management systems. You can be sure we use cutting edge technology with the most energy efficient equipment available today for hot water heating applications and domestic hot water systems.

Our sales force is specifically trained to understand both the contractor's and the consumer's needs. We can be counted on to recommend the appropriate product every time. The right product in the right place at the right time results in establishing a stellar reputation for the manufacturer. Hydrotemp lives by the principle of providing the proper component for the application, so the manufacturer can be assured that their products are being positioned in the best possible light.

Survey Services
With unrivaled technical expertise, Hydrotemp can be there on the jobsite to help eliminate unforeseen obstacles and suggest optimal ways of installing the system.

Hydrotemp offers classes to train installers on the best methods for installing our equipment. The comprehensive classes also show effective problem solving to achieve proper maintenance of the equipment once it is installed. Classes for the end-user are also available to educate them on the choices that are out there for commercial boilers. Regular training keeps our clients up to date on the latest changes in statewide and local codes that directly affect our customers.

Hydrotemp offers all the necessary parts to keep boiler systems operating at an optimum level. When maintenance requires a specific part, Hydrotemp's suppliers have the right fit for the situation. For the highest quality and most responsive customer service, call Hydrotemp for your water heater parts.