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Products > Non-Condensing Boilers

Raypak Hi Delta Model

Copper fin tube style boiler for domestic hot water and Hydronic heating applications. This budget friendly model has flexible designs with many options including dual fuel gas train (Nat./LP), stackable, cold water start / cold water run solutions and many control configurations.

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Raypak MVB Model

Modulating copper fin tube style boiler with the smallest installed footprint of any vertical boiler. CSA certified from 84% to 88% efficiency, highest for a non-condensing boiler. The MVB offers a wide range of sizes from 500MBH to 2,000MBH input.

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Patterson-Kelley Thermific Model

This vertical copper fin tube design boiler has been the work horse in the PK lineup. Firing options include on/off or two stage. The Thermific also has an option for an outdoor kit and dual fuel gas train (Nat./LP).

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Patterson-Kelley Modufire FD Series

The Modufire is a vertical forced draft, full modulating design. This model changes both fuel and air mixture at a constant ratio to match boiler output according to actual heat demand. A smooth 5:1 turndown can track varying loads down to 20% of rated capacity and increase efficiency as the firing rate decreases.

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