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HVAC Controls - Heat-Timer

Heat-Timer offers a complete line of controls for the HVAC and Plumbing industry. Over 60 years of experience insures that Heat-Timer specifically designs, tests, and builds energy efficient controls systems which are easy to install and easy to use.

SQ Elite Series

Multiple stage control for efficiently firing boiler stages, auto lead/lag, with Outdoor Air reset, etc...

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Multi-Mod Series

Multiple fully modulating boiler control for efficiently operating burner firing rate, auto lead/lag, Outdoor Air reset, and remote communication for BMS systems.

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Mini-Mod Control

Much like the Multi-Mod with less features but competitively priced.

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TSC Elite

Two stage temperature set point control with rotation feature option.

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PLL Control

Pump lead/lag control.

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HVAC Controls - Protemp

Protemp controls are energy efficient boiler controls designed to save money on your domestic hot water systems. The Protemp monitors daily hot water usage patterns and adjusts the system setpoint. This can reduce energy costs 25% or more!


This controller is designed to bring affordable, cost saving energy mangement to smaller multi-occupant buildings such as hotels, motels, apartments and condominiums. The result is a 25% or mare savings on hot water energy costs!

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This controller has the same features as the PT64, but with more features like four stage control, password protection, and optional remote data logging.

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