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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your hours of business?
A: We are open 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Please check the calendar for holiday closures.

Are you available for after-hours open up service?
A: We are available to open up the office after hours. However, this service is not mandatory but based on the availability of someone to answer the call and get to the office. We do give out our mobile numbers upon request if you feel an after-hours emergency could arise.

Can I open a credit account with Hydrotemp?
A: We are primarily a wholesale company selling to HVAC and plumbing contractors. However, we do sell to retail customers. To open an account, you must purchase a minimum of $5,000 worth of equipment in a three month period and provide a completed credit application with a minimum of three trade references. All references will be checked!

Can I pay with credit card over the phone?
A: Yes. Hydrotemp, Inc. accepts Visa, M/C, and American Express.

Will you come out to survey our boiler room and make recommendations?
A: Yes. We will be happy to come out on site and make complete system recommendations for you. We will charge a small consulting fee for this service. If it leads to an equipment purchase, charges will be waived.

Does Hydrotemp offer service or installation of the equipment they sell?
A: No. We are a Manufacturer’s Representative that sells and supports the products we sell. We do, however, recommend qualified service contractors familiar and trained on our equipment to perform service and installation.

Do you offer training classes?
A: We have a 2,000 square foot training facility on site at Hydrotemp, Inc. We offer various training courses throughout the year on system installations, service and trouble shooting, and preventative maintenance. The schedule for these classes will be posted in the calendar section of the website.

On Raypak Delta Limited or Hi Delta boilers, what is the suggested amp draw & ohms reading for a Hot Surface Igniter?
A: Typically we suggest replacing an H.S.I. with an amp draw of 3.4 or lower. At ambient temperature, the ohms reading on a good H.S.I. should be between 40 and 75 ohms.

On Raypak Delta Limited or Hi Delta boilers, what is the recommended manifold gas pressure and air pressure setting?
A: Always refer to the O&M manual for correct pressure settings. However, for the most common sizes (models 399 thru 2342), the manifold gas pressure should be 3.5 +/- .02" W.C. The air pressure setting should be 1.4" +/- .02" W.C.

How often should I change the air filter on my boiler?
A: The frequency of the filter needed to be replaced varies on the boiler environment. It the boiler is running near a construction site or close to a dirt road/field, you may be changing the filter more often than a clean boiler room. Boiler that share space with dryer vents will also require more filter maintenance. A good rule of thumb is to check the filter every two weeks. If you find the filter clean, you can widen the frequency to monthly. Remember, the filters are cleanable and can be easily rinsed under a sink, slung dry and replaced.

On Raypak boilers with the Fenwal ignition module, should I have a red light on all the time?
A: Yes. The light indicates the module has power. The same light will also blink consecutive times a flash code to alert you to a failure. Refer to the front cover of the Fenwal to interpret the flash codes.

How often should someone service my Raypak boiler?
A: As always, please refer to the equipment O&M manual for suggested preventative maintenance and service schedules.

How can I get a service call on my boiler?
A: Please call the Hydrotemp main number for a referral of a qualified service contractor.